Your marketing campaigns will never be the same (they'll be much much better)


Track Audience Segments

Group tens, hundreds, or thousands of social accounts to build an audience segment, then watch their behavior to reveal trends & patterns.

Isolate Relevant Content

Tag and curate relevant content from your audience to export or analyze. Your searches can be filtered by date, location, voice, social platform, and much more.


Understand Behavior

Socialight's analytics platform allows you to quickly see how your audience segments are performing in realtime.

Save Searches & Track Progress

Once you've found the metrics you're interested in, save the searches and track their change over time.

Ad Optimization

Import Sets of Ad Variations

Import ad variations from major platforms and test them using social conversation data from your audience segments.

Change and Retest

Modify variations to see how changes will effect projected engagement and sentiment from your audience.

Custom Reports

Weekly Analysis

Receive weekly reports with detailed insights about your segments' social activity.

Comparison Analysis

Reports include comparisions between segments as well as industry standard benchmarks.

Automatically analyze millions of data points every day to get the right answer.


Audience Accounts


Social Posts



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